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日時  : 平成30年5月25日(金)14:20〜15:50
場所  : 群馬大学 理工学部 3号館 電気電子棟 5階E大教室
       (群馬県桐生市天神町 1-5-1)
演題  : "Introduction to selected projects of JKU in the field of magnetically levitated systems"
講師  : Wolfgang Gruber氏 (Assistant Professor, Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Linz (Austria))

対象  : 電気学会会員及び学生、教職員
参加費 : 無料
交通  : JR桐生駅下車、約2km、東武鉄道新桐生駅下車、約5km
主催  : 群馬支所
申込方法: 参加を希望される方は、5月18日(金)までに以下の内容につ
       @参加者氏名 A勤務先 B電話番号(及びFax番号) C交通手段
申込先 : 群馬支所幹事 群馬大学理工学府電子情報部門 橋本誠司
       FAX 0277-30-1741
       E-mail: hashimotos(at)   at → @

Magnetically levitated systems (such as active/passive magnetic bearings or bearingless/self-bearing motors) feature numerous advantages, such as high-speed capability, extended life-time, elimination of lubrication and ultra-pure operation. This lecture gives on overview of the research that has been conducted at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz related to this field.
The research group is active since over 20 years and has contributed to several different topics. The main focus is and was always laid on bearingless/self-bearing drives but also active and passive magnetic bearing projects have been implemented. Several bearingless/self-bearing slice motor topologies (like the PM segment motor, the PM high-speed motor, the PM biased reluctance motor, the PM flux-switching motor or PM vernier motor) are introduced and discussed in this talk.
Additionally, also other systems implementing passive ring bearings (like the bearingless axial force/torque motor) and active magnetic bearings with PM bias flux (implemented e. g. in a bearingless fan) are shown.


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